The big Mid-Michigan flood of 2018 is behind us but as we clean up the Michigan Attorney General also warns you to watch out for people selling cars and other items that were damaged by the flood.

Apparently this is a big problem now as vehicles with flood damage can appear for sale on the internet or at car lots far away from the storm area, without any mention of flood damage or obvious signs of damage.

Michigan's AG  Bill Schuette said to WLNS, “It is important to do your research before making a car purchase, and I urge anyone looking into purchasing a used vehicle to take extra time in examining their potential new car." Water damage to a car is more than exterior or rust but it will also affect sensoring, brakes, and electrical systems. What's worse is that some of these problems may not show up immediately when you purchased it but later after you have closed the deal and can't get your money back.

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