Wow!  Before you snicker, judge or choke on your breakfast, you should actually read Taylor Lianne Chandler's Facebook post in which she reveals that her name used to be David Roy Fitch.

It's not the story of a boy who decided to become a girl and then deceived a bunch of people.  Not to sound defensive, but let's be honest, it's really easy to judge and most will judge based only on the headline.

With all that being said, how legit is this?  Well, many reporting on this describe Taylor as Phelps' "self-proclaimed" girlfriend.  So, how sure are we of their relationship to begin with?

Personally, I was more put out by her announcement that she has "dated many celebrities before."  Like -- let's focus here, Taylor.  We're talking about Michael.  You're dropping a pretty big bomb on him as it is... this probably isn't the best time to hear about all the other guys you've been with.

All that aside, for anyone truly living this life, to share this demonstrates an immense amount of courage.  I'll say it -- I'm not that brave.  But, for the record, I was born a boy.

Read Taylor's Facebook post here: