Watching "The Last Dance" on ESPN has been pretty nostalgic. I got to meet Michael Jordan back at Sam Vincent's basketball camp back at Eastern High School back in 1990. He was a very intense human being. A focus I still haven't seen in anyone else.

Now, I was a big Detroit Pistons "Bad Boys" fan so Michael Jordan was the enemy. He was the greatest basketball player I ever saw. Seeing him in person, validated everything I thought about him.

"The Last Dance" is a documentary currently airing on ESPN. Part 3 aired Sunday night and they covered the Pistons Bad Boys era.

He had to earn his championship by going through the Bad Boys. Just like the Pistons had to go through the Celtics and the Lakers. He has a point about the Pistons leaving the court and not shaking hands. I still think to this day it was classless and apparently it still burns Michael's ass.

Some other stuff came up and it left me wondering, was Michael really the "BAD BOY" or Isiah Thomas? 30 years later... Jordan still hates him. Isiah was on TV today with some regrets but Bill Laimbeer feels the same. Click here to see that story.

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