A big ol' drug bust went down Tuesday night, up north here in Michigan. They call it the biggest bust in years. It all went down in Grand Travers County where local, state and federal authorities worked together and busted a 19 year-old from Muskegon Heights with a car load of drugs. Nearly a pound of meth, Fentanyl, cocaine and about 15 hundred bucks in cash. It was around 50 grand worth of dope. Any Fentanyl they can get off the streets is great news. The DEA said they are pretty sure the drugs weren't manufactured here in Michigan or America.

The entire story reeks of cartel. The fact that a cartel could have a presence in Northern Michigan shouldn't surprise anyone. Supply and demand. If there is a demand for the drug, there will be a limitless amount of suppliers ready to make money.

Back in 2017, the cartels got the message, American's wanted harder drugs. They don't even bother with marijuana anymore, they add Fentanyl to their heroin for a stronger pop for the user. I bet the meth even had traces of Fentanyl in it. The drugs we see coming from the cartels are loaded with Fentanyl. They imported their own scientist from China to make Fentanyl in a lab. According to this story, they are recruiting Americans to get through border crossings.

Authorities know the real story, they have been investigating this guy for months. We'll see if the 19 year-old sings. My guess is he'll be nice and quiet.

Great work by the authorities. There is no telling how many Michigan lives they may have saved. There is way more out there, no doubt. But I bet they slept good Tuesday night.

Click here to see the full story. 

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