Hope for few clouds Thursday night and Friday night cause we are going to be in a good view of a meteor shower.  The Orionid meteor shower will reach peak viewing conditions from Thursday, Oct. 20 into Friday, Oct. 21, according to NASA.

And according to weather reports the best time for viewing is overnight on Thursday into the early morning hours of Friday.

The best place in Michigan to see the Meteor shower is in the U.P or the western part of the state. But because of Lansing be in the middle we still have a "Fair" chance according to the graphic in the MLive story.  So lets just hope for minimal to no clouds Late night Thursday and Friday morning cause it would be a cool way to bring in the weekend.

UPDATE: Since there were so many clouds out last night, you still have a chance to score a sight of the meteors Friday night. Again lets hope for clearer skies tonight so we can see it.