I know that Pokemon Go is like the biggest thing, literally everyone is playing it and playing it for hours. There are a lot of good things in this game such as; it gets you out of the house, you can meet new people playing the game, and it brings you back to your childhood while playing. Because of all of this I gave it a try, I'm not a huge gamer by any means, but I played Pokemon on gameboy, yes gameboy, back in the late 90s early 2000s.

So after I was asked if I'm gonna play it, I downloaded it this weekend. I also thought it would be a great idea to walk around Downtown near Common Ground and try to catch as many Pokemon as I could. I did that for about 30 minutes and it led me up to the top of a parking garage cause for some reason the pokemon was in the third floor stairwell (WHAT?!). This was all in a 20 minute span of me not watching where I'm going just catch these pokemon. That was the first strike on this game, it sucks you in, just like how I was addicted to Pokemon Red & Yellow on my Gameboy back in the 90s.

Then, after I caught set Pokemon I found other people downtown clearly playing as they were glued to their phone. I found out through them that the more walking you do the more your Pokemon will be growing before it hatches or whatever. Yes I understand that the point of the game is to walk, like how you would walk around in the Gameboy games to get other things. But I just don't have time for it, and I just don't wanna pour hours into this game. Plus my phone battery was also killed very fast cause of this.

Finally, what really turned me off to this game was the in app purchases that some people have done, since Nintendo made billions off it in a week, and I'm not into pouring money into a game that is in real life but isn't real life or whatever. Plus after hearing more and more about the security of players after robberies, and car crashes due to people for some reason needing to play this game while driving, WHICH IS STUPID! I was done.

So anyway after all of this I'm deleting the game and I'll go find pokemon red, blue, or yellow online to play if I wanna that badly.  Again I'm not saying you shouldn't play it but don't be walking into the middle of the road, driving while playing, or getting in any other trouble cause of it.

So if you are playing stay safe and enjoy it!