A man in Iowa is trying to get custody back of his emotional support animal - a coyote. According to WHO-TV, Matthew Stokes says Drifter, who was a pup when he found him, was left by a coyote family that had dug a den this past spring in his backyard on the outskirts of the town of Waterloo. Matthew says, “This animal is a dog in a coyote’s body.”

Um, actually, he's a coyote in his regular coyote body, Matthew, so...

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Matthew says when he took Drifter in, he (Matthew) was dealing with a bone infection in a foot and was in danger of losing it. Taking care of Drifter gave him something to live for. "He saved my life. And I saved his life too,” he said.

Then in October, one of his neighbors found Drifter roaming around, captured him and turned him over to a wildlife rehab agency. The agency doesn't think anybody should keep a wild coyote as a pet. Matthew wants him back, so he's in the process of applying for a U.S. Department of Agriculture license to keep a dangerous animal. His backup plan is taking advantage of an Iowa law that would let him keep Drifter as an educational animal.

I'd be sleeping with one eye open, but that's just me. Here's the story

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