I can't stop watching this video.  It makes me laugh.

This young dude and his pal have seemingly concocted a brilliant plan, wherein dude #1 will enter the bus and give the driver the impression that dude #2 is coming in behind him to pay for them both.  Meanwhile, dude #1 will snatch a woman's purse and then hop off the bus.

This brilliant plan becomes problematic when 1) dude #1 doesn't get the purse on the first try,  2) dude #1 doesn't get the purse on the second try, 3) dude #1 is unable to get off the bus before the driver shuts the door, 4) dude #1's hand gets stuck in the bus door, 5) dude #1 is helpless as the driver beats him with a stick and 6) dude #1 is "hand delivered" (see what I did there) to waiting police officers by the bus driver.

It's awesome.  ...and I love the soothing music in the background as the would-be crook cries.  Funny stuff.  Enjoy!  (And let this be a lesson to you...)