There will be even more traffic headaches in Jackson as major construction project on i-94 will bring traffic and road closures. According to WILX, the Cooper Street bridge that connects I-94 to downtown Jackson is closed so it can be torn down and then rebuilt. All of the construction that has been going on in that area of Jackson is all part of a huge project that will make roads and traffic better for people traveling on I-94 or through Jackson.

The Cooper Street Bridge is going to be closed and knocked down to be rebuilt. The whole process is expected to take about 6 months. The new Cooper Street Bridge is expect to open around Mid-September. There will be detours and re-routes but if you have to take this way, you might want to avoid it. Also along with this I-94 will be closed near there while the crews get ready to demolish it and rebuild it. This will be the second bridge in Jackson that is under construction as there is another one west of the Grand River.

You can see more about the project and how the roads will look after its done here. 


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