If you're a fan of the Detroit Lions you are beyond accustomed to hearing the worst about your team, so allow one more pile on - Buzzfeed is out with its 2021 ranking of NFL uniforms and like so many things Lions, guess who's near the bottom of the heap?

In a ranking of all 32 NFL teams, Detroit Lions uniforms were slotted 3rd from worst. Only the Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons were judged to have uglier threads.

Here's what they say about your beloved Honolulu Blues:

Not totally in love with the gray numbers, but the pants and pant stripe are great. The "Lions" lettering the shoulder is very unique, too.

So take this for what it's worth, Lions fans, the scribe doesn't know how to use the word unique and neither, apparently, do their editors. There are no degrees of uniqueness. Something is either unique or it's not. (Not that I'm a grammar expert. Plenty of English mistakes litter my content, too.)

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Who do they list as the best uniforms in the league? Top 5 are Colts, Raiders, Cowboys, Chargers and 49ers.

It is interesting that the League has continued to hold out against the trend we can credit to College Football for flashy uniforms. The NBA introduced its city series years ago while Major League Baseball lit up its City Connect threads, particularly the 'Southside' uniforms of the Chicago White Sox.

So go ahead and argue traditionalists on NFL jerseys, but the league seems years behind the times.

Not to be left out of any uniform rakings, here's a look at the best uniforms for each NFL team historically.


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