That's right. Read it again. And tell me what your mouth is doing while you think about it.

Mustard Ice Cream.

(Video: French's via YouTube)

Your next question should be, and WHY?

Because August 3rd is National Mustard Day, and after 115 years of using mustard to add something bold and unique to standard fare, we thought, “What about ice cream?” And while this limited-run flavor might sound crazy, it doesn’t just taste good, it tastes damn good. Get the Recipe: (French's)

It'll be available at some ice cream shops in New York and L.A. this weekend. If you so desire, you can click on the video or links above for the recipe so you can try it at home yourself.

The folks at People tried it. Here's their review.

The initial flavor you experience is not mustard, but sweet hints of cotton candy and bubble gum ice cream. Once you get to bites two or three, though, it really hits you: that unmistakable tang that makes you want a hot dog real bad.

The general consensus is that we didn’t hate it. It weirdly kind of works, in its own special way. One scoop is definitely fun and doable, but two scoops might be pushing it a bit. (People)

So, you whipping up a batch this weekend?

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