Longtime Lansing Bar Tripper's is about to close after 27 years. I was there a few weeks ago for their comedy club and it still had a good environment and good people and its a shame that this bar with so much Lansing history has to close.

Trippers owner Steve Tripp, says the bar has been in business for 27 years and it is so sad to see this happening, but he did want to thank all the wonderful employees he has had over the years.

Trippers has been financially doing great up until a few years back, when they used to hold poker tournaments, but recent law changed made them cut back on it and hurt their bottom line. The owner said that he could no longer make the financial side of the operation sustainable.

Thursday night, Steve Tripp closed the bar for good, and with that many of use are left with only some wonder memories, and some blurry memories of a wonderful Lansing/East Lansing business.

Here's a full farewell message posted on Tripper's Facebook page: