An Australian man that happens to be an internationally-revered and award-winning shooter was fired from his job of 12 years at Goodyear in Australia after someone allegedly spotted him in a parking garage shared by Goodyear and other businesses as he was standing near a person that had an unloaded gun.  The full story is posted in The Firearm Blog.

A less-experienced competitive shooter had asked David Waters for help with a new gun attachment.  Because he was in a rush, set to leave the country for a competition, he suggested meeting on his lunch break.  He expected the acquaintance to bring the attachment -- he did not expect that she would also bring her rifle.  He advised the 59 year old woman to put the gun back in her car, but apparently, not before a passerby alerted authorities.

Police swarmed the parking garage, however, ultimately no charges were filed against Waters or his friend related to the gun, as no crime was committed.  But Waters was fired for unclear reasons -- all of which he believes are unjustifiable.  An Australian senator whom Waters asked to be witness at a disciplinary meeting with his employer -- the meeting in which he was ultimately fired, is standing by Waters' side and speaking out against not just the company's response, but an employee identified as the company's HR Consultant, whom Senator Leyonhjelm of New South Wales accuses of being unprofessional.

Watch the entire video of Senator Leyonhjelm's address of the situation below.