These days you can find craft anything, right? Craft beer, craft furniture, DIY crafts, kraft mac n cheese....wait. That's different. But, craft marijuana? That's a new one for me. However, one local dispensary hopes to make that term their legacy.

Six Labs out of Saginaw County recently told that they are striving to become Michigan's "craft grower" and hope to expand nationally. Currently, according to a quick google search, there are over 40 dispensaries throughout the state of Michigan with 19 of those in Kalamazoo alone. So, what makes Six Labs different?

Well, Six Labs currently operates out of a 45,000 square-foot marijuana production facility and they are producing their own harvests. That allows them to focus on consistency with their products and allows them to help consumers "make purchasing decisions based on the sensation they’re trying to achieve" according to their website.

Continuing on their website, Six Labs describes itself as

part of the next wave of cannabis entrepreneurs, building a powerful and alluring line of consumer products that will drive evolving attitudes of cannabis products, and rise above the competition.

Sounds like "big corporate" kind of talk, doesn't it? And, it's an assumption, that when things go "big" the quality tends to decline. But, Joe Ori, co-founder and director of communication at Six Labs insists that

We do not want to be ‘Walmart weed'. We didn’t invent the wheel but we’re going to make it better, we’re going to make it more efficient.

Hold please. Currently laughing hysterically at the term 'Walmart Weed'. But, that's the idea behind being 'national', isn't it? To make your product as available and as well known as a brand like Walmart?


Regardless, I'm not sure the rest of America is ready for 'craft marijuana' or a brand that distributes nationally. As a new Michigan resident, I'm not even used to it being legal yet! The sight of my neighbor casually smoking a joint outside his apartment always makes me do a double take. Not that I'm judging.

So, what do you think? Will Six Labs be replacing Bells as the known 'craft' product to come out of Michigan? Let us know on our app!

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