A new study ranks US states in order of psychopathy!

Connecticut is tops, West Virginia is chill (really?) and we're stuck right in the middle at NUMBER 25! Not too wild and not too mild!

Ryan Murphy of Southern Methodist University decided to delve deep into the “national” mind by looking at the levels of five important personality traits, including being neurotic and extroverted.

He compared it to previous research and came up with a list of states by psychotic level. Besides the lower 48 states he threw in Washington, D.C., which really doesn’t count because it is only made up of an urban area. In case you’re wondering, D.C. has a far higher psychotic level than any other state!

The science isn’t perfect and still has to go through peer reviews and be published, but we’ll share the results anyway!

The top 5 states for highest psychopath rates are:

  1. Connecticut
  2. California
  3. New Jersey
  4. New York
  5. Wyoming

The states with the lowest psychopath rates:

  1. West Virginia
  2. Vermont
  3. Tennessee
  4. North Carolina
  5. New Mexico

You can see the rest of the list here.

Source: Quartz

Connecticut wins the dubious award of most psychopathic state in the US, followed by California in second, and New Jersey third. New York and Wyoming tie for joint fourth place, followed by Maine. The least psychopathic state is West Virginia, followed by Vermont, Tennessee, North Carolina, and New Mexico. The full list of psychopathic states is below:

Rank State
1 Connecticut
2 California
3 New Jersey
4 New York
4 Wyoming
6 Maine
7 Wisconsin
8 Nevada
9 Illinois
10 Virginia
11 Maryland
12 South Dakota
13 Delaware
14 Massachusetts
15 Arizona
16 Florida
17 Iowa
18 Colarado
19 Texas
20 Ohio
21 Utah
22 Arkansas
23 Idaho
24 North Dakota
25 Michigan
26 Alabama
27 Pennsylvania
28 Rhode Island
29 Louisiana
30 Kansas
31 Georgia
32 Minnesota
33 Missouri
34 Washington
35 Kentucky
36 Nebraska
37 South Carolina
38 New Hampshire
39 Oregon
40 Indiana
41 Mississippi
42 Montana
43 Oklahoma
44 New Mexico
45 North Carolina
46 Tennessee
47 Vermont
48 West Virginia