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That stings.

A lot.

I know it's a rebuilding year. Everybody knows that.

The Detroit Lions are at the beginning of a rebuild, something the team itself has readily acknowledged. (USA Today)

I'm one of the tried and true, bleed Honolulu Blue (and Silver) fans. I am usually online searching out the newest and hottest gear. The newest hats. Things I'm going to wear when I grace Ford Field with my presence.

I'll be saving my loot this year (on buying new gear). I mean I'll still be supporting, rooting, and cheering them on. I'll be going to games. I'll be tailgating in Eastern Market like I always have before.

Credit: McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
Credit: McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

You gotta support the team. But you also have to be as realistic as you are optimistic.

We're not going to be very good this year. And if we are, I'll be as pleasantly surprised as anyone else.

I mean we do have a new QB and a head coach who's got a taste for kneecaps and wants a pet lion to hang out with him on the sidelines.

Comparisons to the new QB Jared Goff. Who we got from the Rams. Insert instant drama.

Don't forget our new head coach Dan Campbell. He's got a taste for kneecaps.

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The forecast for the Lions is bleak. Very bleak indeed. Are your kids playing football this year? Trust me, they've got a better chance at having a winning record than out Motor City Kitties.

...the folks at ESPN ranked Detroit as the least talented team in the NFC and the second-least talented in the NFL (Houston, you have a lot of problems). (Detroit Free Press)

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The optimism is there. The will to win and new direction is there. And so is that schedule.

Detroit Lions (3-14): The philosophical overhaul is intriguing – including the expected re-emphasis of the run game. But the holes on this roster make you wonder if the win total will rival the amount of kneecaps bitten this season – especially with the September calendar serving up the 49ers, Packers and Ravens. (USA Today)

3 and 14.

This is going to be bowling shoe ugly.

But I'll be watching.

Like this. Resting Lions Face. All season long.

Getty Images

I can't wait to see how we come up with new ways to lose that we haven't used before.

Or...maybe...just maybe...with all the odds against us...




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