Lil Nas X isn't happy about the Nike lawsuit that is blocking the sale of his shoe collaboration.

On Thursday (April 1), the "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)" singer tweeted about what the situation means to him personally.

"I haven’t been upset until today, I feel like it’s f---ed up they have so much power they can get shoes cancelled," he tweeted. "Freedom of expression gone out the window. But that’s gonna change soon."

At $1,018 a pair, the controversial "Satan Shoes" sold out within minutes the day they went on sale. According to MSCHF, the company that manufactured the shoes, they already completed sending 665 of the 666 orders. Nas shared that he planned on giving away the final pair but now can't because of the lawsuit.

"Sorry guys I’m legally not allowed to give the 666th pair away anymore because of the crying nerds on the internet," he tweeted.

Nike is suing MSCHF after claiming they did not authorize the production of the "Satan Shoes," which use the Nike Air Max 97 as a base. Nike is suing for trademark infringement, as the shoes still feature the signature Nike swoosh logo and the product's description mentions their brand.

Nike claimed that they were not involved with the shoes and even submitted documents to the court that some of their customers said they will no longer purchase Nike products because of the shoes, which feature a drop of human blood and pentagram symbol.

Shortly after the news of the lawsuit, Nas briefly addressed the situation on Twitter via a meme. "Me after the Nike lawsuit," he posted along with a GIF of Squidward in a cardboard box.

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