Holland is shooting his shot with Lil Nas X, and fans are definitely shipping the two together.

On Thursday (Dec. 1), the "Neverland" singer posted a video speaking about his encounter with the "Montero" hit-maker, even tagging Lil Nas X in it.

Holland began by sharing that he recently met Lil Nas X for the first time before jokingly telling his videographer to "cut" the next part.

“I really wanted to have sex with him,” he said with a laugh. “I said ‘hello,’ but he was so busy.”

Despite their quick meeting, the rapper did compliment Holland.

“Lil Nas X told me I have a good hairstyle. I told him, ‘Give me a kiss,’ or something like that. ‘Please kiss me!’ But, no," he recalled.

Watch below:

Fans flooded the comments under Holland's tweet both with real compliments and some hilarious stories hyping him up as a great catch.

"OMG Holland thank u for letting me borrow your helicopter that u store at your huge mansion by your Lamborghini so I could take my cat to the vet, you’re a lifesaver," one person tweeted.

Another fan claimed Holland saved an entire family from a burning building and performed life-saving surgery on a fan.

Meanwhile, someone else joked, "Holland my dear thank you for letting me borrow your private jet and giving me your Ferrari! And I'm also so grateful for you donating your left kidney to my mom! You're the best."

Commenting on Holland's video, one fan even noted that "Lil Nas X and Holland [got] their first tattoos on the same day. Very exciting day for gay people."

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