Today, millions of Facebook followers are storming Area 51 to “see them aliens.”  Let's turn on the TV to see how that's going....

Um....what happened? Where is everybody? According to Reuters News, it's not the millions originally predicted.

Moving on, let's talk about the most interesting UFO report from the Lansing area this year. So far this year, the National UFO Reporting Center has four UFO reports from our area. One from East Lansing, two from the Jackson area and one from the Lansing area. According to the section of the website that tracks Michigan UFO reports, the Lansing sighting happened on the morning of April 9th, between Grand Ledge and the Capital Region International Airport. In fact, the first sighting of this "anomaly" occurred near the intersection of M-43 and Nixon Rd. Though the person who filed this report did not see an actual flying craft, this person did report a rectangular cloud that "evaporated from the inside out". 

Very curious.

Did you file the report? Did you see the "rectangular cloud"?

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