Spending my QT singing about QD.

Quarantine Time, Quality Dairy. See what we did there.

And we want you to see what she did here. Here name is Ceci Bordayo. She is an amazing woman with an amazing story. She is an artist and a survivor. Born in Texas, moved to Michigan when she was three, and loves all things Spartans and MSU. Find out more about Ceci HERE. While you're on her site, take a listen to her music.

But what we really want you to take a listen to is this. We all love QD. From the french onion dip, your favorite ruffled chips (Better Made is my go to lol), black cherry ice cream, death by chocolate, those donuts and...wait. Why am I telling you when Ceci sings it so much better? That's why we're here. Because I stumbled across this on her Facebook page. And real talk, this sounds like a hit single and definitely should be considered for an updated jingle. Someone get Quality Dairy on the phone. Wait, they already know? Excellent.

Ceci is amazing. And she even got some help from nieces for a little ditty about Zaytoon Lansing. And it's totally adorable and awesome.

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