A TikTok goes massively viral with claims of feces in the sandwich wrapper.

A young Canadian woman named Kelsey Coyne, who is a student at Michigan State University, has taken to TikTok with a shocking allegation.  Her 3 videos about the very unsettling find in her sandwich wrapper have been viewed over 3 million times in less than 5 days.  It's important to note that these are claims made by a customer that has not been proven or disproved yet.  The problem is, that nobody seems to be investigating the possible poop sandwich.

Her first video, which was uploaded last Friday, points out that the restaurant employee was very meticulous while slowly wrapping her sandwich.  She also points out the foul smell at the restaurant.  The video below has been viewed nearly 1 million times.

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In her next video which has been viewed over 2 million times, she only took one bite of the sandwich at the restaurant because she thought the place smelled like sewage.  She took it home to eat it and found she could still smell a sewage-like smell.  She then claims to have found what appears to be feces in between the sandwich wrappers.  She immediately contacted the Health Department and local law enforcement.  She says that the police took a swab of the substance on the wrapper.

A couple of days ago she gave us an update on TikTok to let us know that the police are unlikely to move forward with the investigation.  She hasn't heard back from the Health Department or Subway.

We'll update this story with any new information provided by local law enforcement or a statement from Subway.

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