The calendar may say Spring, but Michigan's weather forecast is still feeling a lot like Winter.

Snow in Lansing's Weather Forecast

The old saying goes, "April Showers Bring May Flowers". But what about snow showers? I don't remember hearing anything about that...

But indeed, snow showers are what we're expecting in the Lansing area forecast for Monday, April 4th.

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The National Weather Service reports that Lansing and Ingham county should be on the lookout for a "hazardous weather outlook" tomorrow (Monday, April 4th). Part of that hazardous weather outlook includes a mix of rain and snow Monday morning, starting around 5 am.

The Weather Channel expects rain first starting in the 5 o'clock hour, continuing until 9 am when they expect snow showers until noon. Followed up by more rain for the rest of the day. These sound like the makings for some slick and slushie conditions, making the commute to work a possible slippery one. Stay safe out there, and allow for some extra time for your morning commute.

As you might suspect, with the chance of snow, temperatures aren't looking too hot. Literally. Monday will see a high temperature of 47 degrees and a low of 40.

Lansing's Extended Forecast

Sadly, Monday isn't the only day this week that we might see snow. The Weather Channel suspects that we'll see some more snow on Friday as well. The expected forecast looks similar to Monday, with a mix of rain and snow early, followed by rain later on.

It seems like we might see some relief from the snow next week. As of right now, The Weather Channel is predicting temps in the mid 60 next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Until next week, stay warm and dry out there.

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