OOOOH WEEEEE! Rick & Morty Fans, get ready...

According to a Facebook event, the "Rickmobile" is coming to Lansing! The Rickmobile "is a one-of-a-kind mobile pop-up shop that offers exclusive custom-designed Rick & Morty collectibles." So if you're looking for something that NO ONE else has, this is your chance to get your hands on some exclusive Rick & Morty goodies.

The Rickmobile can be found at Lansing Brewing Company on Friday, September 14th from 5 - 8 pm. I'd suggest getting there early if you're REALLY wanting some one-of-a-kind Rick & Morty memorabilia... the Facebook event says "Limited quantities" as well as, "Please note, queue line may be capped", so it sounds like there's only going to be so many goodies. Get more info on the event here.

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