Michigan State is moving up the list for Best College Campuses in America, but it wasn't the best in Michigan, find out who just beat Michigan State.

The list was made by niche.com, which gets data from surveys of students as well as from the Dept of Education. The Best College Campus list was rated by surveys from students, Campus food options, housing, safety, and surrounding area. Michigan State moved up the list as there are more housing options on campus as well as off campus than ever. Plus Michigan State has one of the biggest and spacious campuses in America.

But......even though Michigan State ranked high they were one spot behind Univ. of Michigan which was ranked #25, so pretty much a tie. Michigan State and U of M were the highest ranked Big Ten schools, Ohio State comes in at #42, so at least we can say Michigan colleges look better than the other ones in the Big Ten.

You can check out the full list here as well as other college ranking lists.

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