Facebook is good for connecting with friends and family as well as finding out what's going on in your community. It can also be a source of news and information. In this case, it's the latter.

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According to the rumblings on Facebook, Buddy's Pizza on the west side is going to be closing its doors for the last time.

Lansing Businesses Closing Permanently

The rumblings aren't just random people saying things either. The way I found this out was because the mother of someone who's employed at Buddy's Pizza posted about it on Facebook. They said that the employees were told that their last day would be this coming Saturday (September 17th). Rather than rely on these Facebook rumblings, I decided to go straight to the source itself; Buddy's Pizza.

I placed a call to the west side location, and they were able to confirm that sadly, their last day of business is Saturday, September 17th.

Buddy's Pizza in Lansing

Buddy's hasn't been open for very long...The west side Lansing location was originally set to open back in March 2020 but was delayed because of the pandemic. It did eventually open in June 2020, making it just over two years old before closing its doors.

Thankfully, if you still want a slice of that original Detroit-style pizza, Buddy's has a second location in Okemos. That Buddy's Pizza took over the old Burger King location on Grand River Avenue across the street from the Okemos Meijer, which opened back in April of this year.

Sadly, businesses closing is the way of things at the moment. Lingering effects from the pandemic along with rising food costs and the difficulty in getting employees. Hopefully, something new will take over that space and flourish.

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