I never win these things. Not even close. The rare $1, $5 dollar variety. Sure. And I just have to accept that it's not in the cards (lol) for me. Either I'm just not lucky, not old enough (cause the winners of these things seem to be in the upper end of the age spectrum), not spending enough on tickets, not doing it enough or something. The Lord apparently has other plans for me.  Honestly, I never even phantom paying $20 bucks for a scratch off. I might pay up to maybe $10 on the Michigan state lottery or Powerball. Maybe that's why I can't win like our friend here.

A 65 year old Lansing man won a cool million bucks from a $20 dollar scratch off he got from a vending machine at the Meijer on South Pennsylvania. Read all that again.

65 years old.

Wins a MILLION DOLLARS (he took the cash payout of $634K for him and his wife to pad their retirement plan - before taxes mind you but still).

A $20 dollar scratch off ticket. (I'm too cheap for one of those lol).

A vending machine.

Meijer on South Penn.

The man bought the winning Millionaire Maker instant game ticket from a vending machine at the Meijer store on South Pennsylvania Avenue in Lansing. The game started this month and costs $20 per ticket. More than $88 million in prizes remain, including 10 $1-million prizes, officials said.(Lansing State Journal)

So in case you feel inclined. I just gotta convince myself to part with a $20 bill in a vending machine at a grocery store. On something that isn't food.

God keeps telling me, I ain't gonna make my cash that way. Think I need to start listening.

Good luck to you though.

Now, if you want to buy me a ticket, that's different.

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