With all the talk and hype about Father's Day, it reminded me of some great memories growing up. I loved playing baseball with my dad. My grandpa and I used to have fun too. He had a hand truck that I would stand on and he'd race me down an alley behind their house as fast as he could. Thankfully there were no injuries.

I remember always wanting to go with either of them when they had to run to the store. Part of the reason was that I hoped I would get a candy bar each time I went. Spending time with them was the bigger reason.

Going to the hardware store was fun. Hanging out with my dad or grandpa at the hardware store was a great opportunity to learn about something new. Most of the time I didn't know anything about what part or tool we were going to get. By the time we went to the store, found the item we wanted, went home and did the job, I learned about whatever item we purchased and how it was used.

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There is one scent in this world that can bring me back to being a kid, chomping on Big League Chew. It's the aroma of walking into a mom-and-pop, True Value, or Ace Hardware Store. It might have been some fertilizer mixed with tools and wood.

True Value in Haslett is close to me and I love going there so I can take that trip in the way-back machine. Maybe you have memories like I do.

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