Holiday shopping season is here and there are lots of job postings for Toys-R-Us, Meijer, Kohl's and many stores in malls and around Jackson and Lansing. The reason being that a lot of temporary or seasonal jobs come up during this time, but Lansing and Jackson are going through record low unemployment rates which is making hiring difficult for stores.

Many of the stores that have Black Friday or Thanksgiving sales need to hire their people by the end of this week to be ready for the big shopping day. However, stores are still looking to fill positions and even give some benefits to employees if hired during this shopping season. Target is offering more money and other benefits to bring in employees.

Also with the advent of online shopping a lot stores need people to work those jobs even more during this time so those jobs are also open as well.  For information on upcoming job fairs and hiring events, you can visit Pure Michigan's Talent Connect calendar.