Did you ever see the horror movie "The Fog"? Well, this reminds me of it.

Back in2014, Andrew Ballard took video while on Lake Michigan fishing with his father. As they sat in their boat fishing, a huge, "something" was coming toward them.

It looked like a tsunami, or a tidal wave, or at least rain clouds were approaching. ALL WRONG.

This creepy-looking thing that looks like a row of sand dunes - or a tidal wave - is a "giant, mysterious fog" that came toward them over the water. Instead of getting scared off by this monstrous shroud, the two stayed put and took video. The results are in the pictures and video below.

I've seen odd fog formations around the Straits of Mackinac and engulfing the Mackinac Bridge, but not like this weird fog formation. Scroll down and see for yourself!

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