This scenario will look insanely familiar to Harry Styles fans. The One Direction singer was snapped at a snowboard shop in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. on Jan. 2, accompanied by Kendall Jenner.

Anyone else remember who Hazza went skiing with last winter? Oh, right, it was Taylor Swift. Jog those memories about Haylor here. (R.I.P., Hay Hay!)

While it was recently suggested that Hazza found Kendall to be pretty but boring and unable to appreciate his humor since she's not British, it looks like the twosome are still hanging out. What are you thinking, Harry and Kendall shippers? Are they for realz?

A fan shared photos of herself posing separately with Kendall and Harry on Instagram and ended up dealing with some heat from incensed and angry Directioners, which made her regret offering up the photos, since she was accused of being paid to post the images as part of a PR stunt.

Since it's largely rumored that the Harry x Kendall romance was engineered by their managers (especially Kris Jenner, Kendall's "momager") to generate press, that's not a shock.

But fans need to leave the innocent bystanders out of this. Come on, guys. Don't kill the messenger, no matter how bad the news. We're looking at all the Harry and Kendall non-shippers.

And so the Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner romance – or showmance, if it is a PR stunt —continues to be wrapped in a cloak of mystery.

We can't decide if we should call them "Karry" or "Hendall."