Kelly Clarkson likes to quilt. And she's pretty darn good at it, too—as evidenced by the adorable homemade gifts she presented to her costars on The Voice this week.

Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Carson Daly all proudly showed off their new quilts on social media, each of which was designed by Clarkson to fit the recipient's personality.

Shelton raved over his quilt, which was made up of rustic-looking blue shades and a patch that hilariously pays homage to his home state of Oklahoma (it reads "Useless land north of Texas.")

"NEVER has a Voice coach hand made me a gift," he noted...adding a little grumble about Levine photo-bombing behind him.

Speaking of Levine, he got a colorful medley of patches that match the crazy-print shirts he favors while working on the show...which he, as noted, tried to bomb Shelton's photo with.

And Daly? Well, he might have had the cutest one of all—a completely New York-themed composition incorporating NYC cabs, the New York Yankees, coffee cups, and TV sets as a nod to his job.

Daly enthused that Clarkson "is officially my favorite human." Can't blame him for that!

The Voice is currently getting down to the very wire in terms of contestants, and we'll be following along each week to give you highlights—including any notes on if the coaches and host give reviews of how the quilts work while bundled up at home chilling and watching the final episodes.

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