Oh, Kellogg's what have you done? Do we have a 'New Coke' situation here? Kellogg's has redesigned the classic mascot for Kellogg's Froot Loops cereal and fans around the world dislike the new look for Toucan Sam.

When everyone in the world seems to be embracing nostalgia, going back to basics and being more 'real' than ever during the coronavirus pandemic, Kellogg's took the opposite approach redesigning Toucan Sam who's looked the same for years.

The new Toucan Sam from Froot Loops has a turquoise body and a weird (almost blurry) rainbow-colored beak. The response from countries where Froot Loops is sold is not good. To say no one likes it may be a generalization, but it is literally hard to find someone who likes the new Toucan Sam.

Facebook, Kellogg's
Facebook, Kellogg's

Froot Loops is a fruit-flavored breakfast cereal that's been pleasing the taste buds of children (and adults) since 1963. The original colors were red, orange and yellow. In the 1990s Kellogg's added green, blue and purple loops.The colors mean absolutely nothing, all the loops are the same fruity flavor.

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