In case you don't remember Election Day is right around the corner and here is some helpful information like Absentee ballots, who's running, and more.

First Absentee Ballot Voting, this is the easiest way to vote, at least it was when I did it. You will need to request an absentee ballot at your city or township clerk and it must be submitted in writing by Saturday.  If you don't know where your clerk is you can use the search engine here, you can also go to them and submit for an absentee ballot.  Since the election is on Tuesday that is what you will probably have to do as the deadline for submitting through the mail is on Saturday so to be safe you might want to head to yours. But the good thing is, is that most township or city clerks' offices are open on Saturday like Lansing, East Lansing, and Jackson. Also if you have sent away for an absentee ballot already and you haven't sent it in you have the deadline of Tuesday at 8pm, and you can also bring it back to your clerk's office if you ca

Also if you think you aren't registered or you haven't voted in a while you can check if you are registered here. It will only take a minute or so to check if you are, plus when you check it will also tell you where your polling place is.

This Election also has a bunch of things to vote for. Obviously the biggest is Michigan Governor as well as picking our Michigan Senator to send to Washington. Along with state and local election there are also three big proposals on the ballot, Prop 1 is about legalizing Marijuana, Prop 2 is about Gerrymandering, and Prop 3 is about making it easier for people to vote like same day registration and no reason Absentee Ballot voting. You can also check on everything and everyone running through out the state here. 

This election will probably have the most people voting out of any mid-term election so make sure you make some time to get to your polling place and vote. The polls will be open until 8pm on Tuesday.

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