In Shiawassee County, hidden away in Hazelton Township and not even showing up on many maps, is the little burg of Juddville, located at the intersection of Durand & Juddville roads.

Juddville is another of Michigan's many historic settlements. It was originally named "Judd's Corners" after early settler John Judd, who arrived in 1853 and proceeded to build the first schoolhouse (a new schoolhouse - originally part-brick - was built in 1903 which still stands on the southeast corner, along with an historical marker).

The 1860's & 1870's brought prosperity to Juddville and soon many businesses were established: blacksmith, churches, creamery, general store, post office and sawmill.

The town was at it's peak during the 1880's and then began it's decline when the lumber business started to poop out. The post office shut down in 1902 and mail was re-routed.

The corner of Durand & Juddville Rds. showcases a few old structures - some abandoned - including the schoolhouse, church, old shacks & houses and what looks like an old service station, possibly from the 1950's. This once-thriving village is now a shell of its former self but is definitely a drive-thru on your Michigan roadtrip. There are no stores, restaurants or gas stations, so fill-up before you visit. Great photo ops!


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