I've been saying to myself over the past week that, without question, there is racism in America today. Not just "kinda," but real racism. I've never visited Ferguson but I believe when the masses, whatever their gender or race or age or religious theology or political lean, etc... -- I believe when they say that there is a problem, that there is a problem. And so, I believe that there is an issue of racism not just in Ferguson, but within the law enforcement community in St. Louis County.

I won't try to get into whether or not I think Officer Darren Wilson was right or wrong because it's impossible to know for certain what he was thinking and why things ultimately played out the way that they did. But, we know for certain one thing -- Mike Brown assaulted and stole from a convenience store.

So, how then, is Michael Brown the chosen face for the plight of racism in America today?

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and 'Morning Joe' crew discussed this very issue today. After you watch the clip below, click here to watch an amazing interview with rapper, Killer Mike, on Mike Brown, Ferguson and America.