With millions of layoffs happening for the last couple of months it might be hard to look for a new job but, KTM Industry in Holt has been hiring this whole time and continues this weekend. KTM Industries is a Holt business which manufactures Green Cell Foam which is an environmentally sustainable and functional packaging material made from corn.

KTM has had a job fair once already this year, in May, and need more people since their business has been open and doing good during the pandemic. The Job fair will be socially distanced with people helping you around the fair and you must wear a mask.

Along with your mask make sure to bring you resume as they are hiring for a few position such as; machine operator, production, supervisor, custodian, and shipping. KTM is also offering bonuses for workers that have good attendance as well as a 401K.

The KTM Job Fair is happening Saturday July 25th 8am - Noon at 2325 Jarco Drive Holt, Michigan 48842. You can learn more about them here.

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