Final four is this weekend! And the match up that will see Loyola Chicago taking on Michigan (Saturday 6:09 PM/TBS) is getting a lot of attention! And not just on the court. Loyola has a superstar cheerleader and spiritual motivator in the form of Sister Jean. Folks LOOOOOVE her! She has licensed her likeness for everything from t-shirts to bobble heads! She's become pop icon gold since the tourney started and the Ramblers began their Cinderella journey! They keep winning and winning and they are giving a lot of thanks and praise to the 98 year old for her help and words of wisdom and motivation and prayers!

But Grandma Hicks! Mary Belle Hicks! She's One Hundred Years Old! And she happens to be the grandmother to Wolverine royalty! One Jalen Rose! And she has some words for Sister Jean! Take a listen!

Grandma Hicks says, "It's been a good ride! But it's over Saturday! Go Blue! One Hundred!"

Such trash talking! But all in good fun! We'll see who's elder and team gets the win this weekend. The other final four game will see Villanova and Kansas at 8:49 PM Saturday night on TBS.


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