It was standing in Jackson for about 90 years and now the Lefere Forge Plant is closing its doors. According to MLive, Lefere Forge plant which is located on 665 Hupp Ave. in Jackson is closing its doors in the coming weeks. The plant closing was alerted to the public through an email sent to customers last week.

The company has a long history as it was started by Alidor Lefere in June of 1929 when he was just a teenager and first made it to America.  The plant made many things for the auto industry over the years and also changed with times recently so it is quite a surprise that they are closing down. About 60 employees will be moved because of the closing. You can read more about the history of the plant here. 

Plus if you are affected by the plant closing, Michigan Works Southeast is helping to put those workers affected back to work. More on that here. 

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