I'm sure this is no secret by now: I am a total, and absolute Potter Head. I've expressed myself very animatedly on-air before. I happen to love it so much that I even got a frickin' sweet, personalized Quidditch jersey for Christmas last year (thanks Matthew)!

Photobomb courtesy of my cat Twinkie.

Well, my fellow Harry Potter fandom members, J.K. Rowling just blew all your other Christmas gifts out of the water! She announced earlier today that she's going to be publishing a set of short stories on the Potter role playing game, Pottermore, just in time for Christmas. There will be one new short story everyday during the 12 days before Christmas Eve...kind of the like the most excellent of any "12 Days of Christmas". All the short stories will have to do with people and events during the sixth book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. You can read more about what these awesome stories will about in this Time article.

So, in conclusion, if  you don't already have a Pottermore account, you should get one. AND when you do, you can add me as a friend! My username is OakSun16945.