Attention, Michigan cable and internet subscribers!  Your digital safety may have been compromised.

If you are an Xfinity customer listen up. Xfinity has announced that a data breach has occurred and has allowed hackers access to nearly 36 million of their customer's personal information. The breach has hit customers across the country including right here in Michigan.

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In a released statement,  the company confirmed that  "between October 16 and October 19, 2023, there was unauthorized access to internal systems." Xfinity indicated that a vulnerability in their software system, Citrix, is what caused the breach. The company began to notify customers of the incident this week telling them that sensitive information may have been compromised.

What Information Did Hackers Optain in the Xfinity Breach?

According to the released statement by Xfinity, hackers were able to obtain sensitive information such as, "usernames and hashed passwords; for some customers, other information may also have been included, such as names, contact information, last four digits of social security numbers, dates of birth and/or secret questions and answers".

At this time the company is continuing to analyze the breach.

Am I Affected by Xfinity Breach?

The biggest risk to the Xfinity breach is those who use the same password across multiple platforms including credit cards and banks.

What To Do if You Are a Xfinity Customer?

Xfinity and its team of experts have the following advice for its customers:

  • Reset your password
  • Enable two-factor or multi-factor authentication on your account
  • Change passwords for other accounts for which you use the same username and password or security question

If you have any questions regarding the breach or your account, Xfinity encourages you to contact Xfinity’s dedicated call center at 888-799-2560 toll-free 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is also more information available on the Xfinity website at

You can also gather more information about being the victim of a security breach through The Federal Trade Commission. They have put together a guide for consumers who have been victims of a data breach.

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