Attention Michiganders, if you hear tornado sirens in the air this week, it might be part of the statewide tornado drill that's happening.

Statewide Tornado Drill Happening in Michigan This Week

The week of March 17th through the 23rd is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Michigan. Meaning, the Michigan government wants to bring attention and awareness to being prepared in different severe weather emergencies.

A tornado is definitely one of those emergencies that Michiganders should be prepared for.

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Tornadoes cause millions of dollars in damage, and worse, can take the lives of our loved ones. And on average, Michigan sees about 15 of them a year. To make sure that we are ready for any potential tornadoes, we have a statewide tornado drill that's happening this week.

When is Michigan's Tornado Drill?

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, March 20th, that's when the statewide drill will take place. At 1 pm, Michiganders will hear and/or see alerts on the TV, and on the radio, as well as outdoor sirens. Please know that this will just be a test.

However, if this were the real deal, here are some signs of an approaching tornado;

  • dark, often greenish-hued skies
  • large hail
  • large, low-laying clouds
  • large roar, similar to a freight train

While this will just be a test, it does pose an important question for individuals and families...are you prepared for a tornado? Or any severe weather emergency for that matter?

What Should I Do in a Weather Emergency?

Do you and your family have a plan? Do you have an emergency kit stocked up and stowed somewhere easily accessible? Do you have copies of any personal or medical information that you might need?

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These are all good questions to ask yourself when preparing or potential severe weather. Check out more tips on how to prepare from

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