Scientists early in 2024 suggested that the bird flu, which is primarily found in fowl and some other livestock, could soon evolve enough to jump to people from certain animals, specifically bovine and cows. Their suspicious were proven correct earlier this year as one person was confirmed to have contracted it from cattle.

Now, a second person - a farmer in west Michigan - has officially caught the Bird Flu, which was also tied to dairy cows.

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The Associated Press is confirming a Michigan dairy worker was in contact with cows at a farm with confirmed infected animals, and began to have symptoms in his eye similar to what is associated with the bird flu. He has since recovered, and an initial nasal swab tested negative for the disease.

However, a later eye swab changed the result, and confirmed it was the Bird Flu.

The man allegedly recovered on his own without any specific treatment, but he was evaluated for any underlying and lingering symptoms, and any potential after-affects of the disease.

The first person confirmed to have contracted the Bird Flu from cattle was in Texas back in March. This was the first instance globally of a confirmed diagnosis in humans.

Bird Flu in Michigan

The CDC has been tracking a strain of Bird Flu since 2020 that has been spreading in more and more animals species, which also includes dogs, cats, skunks, bears, and even seals and dolphins. Just before the Texas man's diagnosis, it was first detected in U.S. Livestock.

Officially, the CDC says there isn't any need for widespread panic, and that for the time being, only people who come into contact with infected animals should be worried at all. Even then, cases seem to be fairly mild, and non-lethal at this time.

Officials also say they have found the virus in high concentrations of raw milk from infected cows, so making sure you drink clean, approved, and pasteurized milk is a strong step to avoid any chance of infection.

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