For the final 10 days of January 2024 anyone who was using sunglasses in Grand Rapids was only trying to make a fashion statement. West Michigan's sunshine drought for the winter of 2023-24 continues as the city clocks an incredibly minuscule amount of sunshine.

For the 10 days preceding February 1, the city of Grand Rapids has only seen 6 minutes of sunshine according to WOOD-TV meteorologist Ellen Baca.

So here are the numbers:

There are 1440 minutes in a day so 14,400 minutes in 10 days. 14,394 of those minutes were cloudy. Meaning we were cloud-covered 99.958% of the time.

Those who mixed it up on the comment section on Ellen's post were feeling the seasonal effects of the last of sunshine.

wow and this is why I am a snowbird

Need vitamin D

No wonder I'm so depressed

I did blood work recently and was told I have a severe vitamin D deficiency….i wonder how on earth that happened? Goodness, we need some sun in this place!!

West Michigan's winter weather has facepalmed all season when it comes to sunshine. Earlier in the winter the National Weather Service says we got 3 hours less sunshine over the course of a month than we would get on a fully sunny summer day.

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