Springtime is here and as the temperature starts to warm up things are coming alive around us.

As you start to clean up your yard from last fall and winter the yard waste will start to pile up.

Good news for you, the city of Grand Rapids yard waste collection starts next week.

Grand Rapids Yard Waste Collection Starting April 1st

The city of Grand Rapids shared on Facebook that yard waste collection will start on Monday, April 1st.

Grand Rapids Has Several Yard Waste Collection Options

There are multiple ways to have your waste collected and disposed of.

You can do what I did and get a yard waste bin, it's a one-time cost of $27.50.

When you fill up the cart you need to buy a yellow yard waste tag which is $6 and can be bought at City Hall and these other places.

You can also buy city yard waste paper bags for $2.50 each or grab a pack of 5 for $12.50. The Items in the bag can't weigh more than 30 pounds.

When you put these bags out by the street I recommend that you be careful it's not raining. I put them out the night before pick up and it was raining hard.

When they picked up the bags the following morning the bottoms fell apart and they wouldn't take them so I had to pay for more bags and rebag them again.

A third option is dropping off yard waste in person at 2001 Butterworth St SW.

This is offered to Grand Rapids residents only, make sure you bring your ID to prove you live in the city.

You can drop off up to 4 cubic yards each week.

When Will My Yard Waste Be Collected

Your curbside yard waste collection is on the same day as your regular waste collection.
If you're not sure what day that is you can look it up here.

What Things Can And Be Included In Yard Waste?

Credit: City of Grand Rapids via Facebook
Credit: City of Grand Rapids via Facebook

Approved Yard Waste Items

Grass clippings
Twigs (less than two inches in diameter)
Garden Plants
Tree Limbs - cut 5' or less
Logs - cut 5' or less

Items Not Allowed For Yard Waste

  • Sod
  • Dirt
  • Stones
  • Broken concrete
  • Trees
  • Railroad Ties
  • Stumps
  • Animal feces and dead animals

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If you'd like to start Yard Waste services you can do so by clicking here.

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