A sports-obsessed dad on TikTok cleverly found a way to solve his daughters' fight over their Barbie dolls with a "Barbie draft."

"When you have all girls fighting over Barbies, you do a Barbie draft," the video's caption said.

Another caption said, "When your daughters love barbies and your husband loves football."

In the video, the dad gathered the three girls in front of a table with a lineup of Little People Barbies.

"Ladies, welcome to the 2024 Barbie draft," he announced.

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He explained to the kids that he would start by secretly picking the number one or two to determine which girl would get to choose the first Barbie.

"I'm gonna tell Mommy the number so that nobody [says] I'm lying," he said before showing the camera two fingers.

After the first girl won the first pick, he told her to "pick the best Barbie available – the BBA."

"If you want your special Barbie, you pick it first," he explained.

"After you go, then it's gonna go Ella, then Addie, then back to you," he told her. "It's like a big circle."

After the BBA was chosen, he instituted a 15-second timer for the remaining rounds of the Barbie draft.

Once the youngest girl chose her share of Barbies, he announced, "Your draft is over!"

"That's the conclusion of the 2024 Barbie draft. Thank you for your participation," the dad said.

When the mom behind the camera asked if everyone was happy with their picks, the girls were much more cheerful.

"Yeah!" they exclaimed.

Viewers were charmed by the adorable video in the comments section on TikTok.

"Lol awwww you could tell this was after a cry fight! But great resolution lol," one person said.

"Lol it was," the mom confirmed in reply.

"Barbie draft is lowkey genius," someone else said.

"I teach kindergarten and this is 100% effective!! Well done!!!" one person chimed in.

"My dad did this for my sister and I back in the 90s when we were little, glad to see we weren’t the only ones," another person laughed.

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