It's official... Michigan roads have been named the worst in the country. And in other news; water is wet.

MLive reports that Lvl5, "a team of former Tesla engineers", released a study that definitively proves that Michigan's roads are the absolute worst in the entire country. Lvl5 used over 15 million photographs of over five million miles of U.S. roads to come to a conclusion that we Michiganders have known for a long time now... our roads stink.

To determine which states had the worst vs the best roads, Lvl5 used qualifications such as "road paint fading, pavement cracking, potholes, and surface flatness". Michigan was found to be severely lacking in all those categories. Here are the other states that round out the bottom rungs of "worst roads": Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, and Kansas. The states with the best roads: Florida, Hawaii, Washington, Virginia, and Tennessee.

Maybe now that it's official that Michigan's roads are the worst of all, something will be done to fix them... To see how the other states stack up, click here.

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