Today is 7/11 and that means that the famous convenience store 7/11 will let you to enjoy a free Slurpee, and possibly get 11 more for free.

You can enjoy one free small Slurpee per customer on Monday, 7/11/16, from 11am to 7pm. You can literally just walk in, grab a small Slurpee cup, fill it up and enjoy.

Not only that, 7-Eleven is celebrating Slurpee week from 7/12 - 7/18. If you buy 7 Slurpee drinks during that time, you'll get 11 free Slurpees. You have to download the free 7-Eleven app and make sure you have the clerk scan the bar code on your app for each purchased.

Its gonna be a warm day so it might be a good day for one.