If you have had to go to the Secretary of State office recently you may have encountered longer lines or not being able to use their online service, I did and it appears as if those issues will continue.

According to WILX, before Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson was elected she promised to run her office with a 30 minute guarantee for those using visiting her department's locations around the state. Unfortunately those issues have mounted and it looks like her goals won't be met till 2022. Some of the issues encountered were that 1/3 of the self-service stations were broken or hard to use, also the online appointment system was taken away from some offices. The Secretary of State office is looking to remedy these issues quickly but since there are over 130 branches around Michigan this could be a while.

Some of the things the office are looking at to make it easier for Michigan residents are; multi year license plates, as well as automatic driver's license renewals.

I'm for all of these as I have issues with the SOS office this past week and I had to wait in line for a bit for something that took 1 minute to solve. So I'm looking for them to remedy their issues quickly as it is quite an inconvenience having to go to their office to solve something that could be fixed online or through the phone.



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