The Battle of the Badge Lip Sync video challenge that has gone viral, just got a taste of Mid Michigan! Meet Officer Mike Cronk of the Ionia DPS. Take a peek at his offering for the #LipSyncChallenge. #lipsyncbattle #lipsyncchallenge

In the video, Officer Cronk takes a call from his mother who suggests that he should do one of the viral videos for the challenge. He tells her "there is no way I'm making a video". But after he hangs up, it's on! The sunglasses go on! And then he does his best Michael Jackson "Black or White" lip sync. And he takes on the hip hop break down! Not bad Officer Cronk! As a matter of fact, the caption on the Ionia DPS FB page where the video is listed says that he is "Ionia DPS Officer and Rockstar . . . Mike Cronk".

The video is dedicated to those who "EMBRACE DIVERSITY". Love the song, the lip sync, the sunglasses, and the message! Great Job Officer Cronk! We approve your message!

BELOW is a compilation of some of the earliest and best from the #lipsyncchallenge from our men and women in blue! (BTW, the officers at 2:22 doing "Uptown Funk" kill it!)

(Video: What's Trending via Facebook)

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