Only a few days away from the Big Game on Sunday and you might be getting ready for a party on that day, but there are a lot of interesting facts about the big day too. Over 100 million people watch the game on Sunday every year and around 150 million watch at least 1 minute of the game, so about more than half the country. I already did an article on which state everyone is rooting for, so now I'll give you some interesting facts about the Big Game and how it affects not only yourself, but your job, and the country's economy too.

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  • This year the Big Game is being played in Miami and it's the 11th time the city has hosted.
  • Plus if your city wants to host the Big Game it's going to cost a pretty penny, as on average it costs a city $12 million.
  • Now even though the city spends a lot for the game, it will make a lot as Miami expects to make $500 million in positive economic impact.
  • Cities that host the game usually make a lot because tourists come to town, and this year Miami is expected to have 150,000 out-of-towners, who spend on average $300 a day.
  • This year's game also is going to have one of the highest ticket prices in the last few years as an average ticket on the resale market is costing on average $7,438, slightly higher than the game in 2018.
  • If you aren't going to game you are most likely watching it either at your house or at a party, as on average 27% of Americans attend parties.
  • This has been a conversation that happens a lot after the Big Game, should we all get Monday off. Well 52% of Americans think so and also 72% of HR managers agree with this as well. To go along with this 1 out of 10 Americans will skip work on Monday too.
  • Back to the game parties.....1.4 billion chicken wings are eaten during the game, 10 million pounds of ribs are sold the week before, 11.2 million pounds of chips will be eaten during the game, and 8 million pounds of guac will be eaten during the game (would've thought more).
  • Any party will of course have alcohol and Americans will buy a lot this week and weekend. 51.7 million cases of beer will be sold for Sunday, and 90% more beer is consumed on Sunday than any other day of the year, with $1.3 billion spent on beer, wine, and cider for the game.
  • Let's get to the game, or at least the commercials during the game. It will cost $5.6 million for a 30 second commercial this year (about $100,000 more than last year). 23% of viewers will only watch the game for the commercials. Plus if you are thinking that commercials during the game work, not really as 80% of commercials during the game actually work on consumers and only 10% of viewers will remember the brands they see during the game. If you are wondering what company has spent the most on ads during the game it shouldn't take you long to guess.....its Anheuser-Busch who have spent $443 million on ads through the history of the game.

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